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Capacity (2021) // new thinking, working spaces

With my most recent piece, Capacity (2021), I have found myself a new working space- an exciting one. I am becoming increasingly more interested in the variety of sound quality and timbre in my work, navigating the transitional space between ways of playing; less restricted by strict metric values. I have been thinking hard for a while to find ways in which to work like this, but recently introducing lines/arcs, heading to points/states of playing, into my working space has allowed for this to start happening. This piece certainly isn't a stand alone; I think its the start of an exciting exploration of a new working space...let's call it the beginnings of a long project! There is so much more to come.  


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Crescent Chamber Orchestra

A co-created project started this year- Crescent Chamber Orchestra; a modern orchestra with a mission to inspire participation, through both performing and creating, in all types of music. 
This is just the start of potentially a career-long project to create a collaborative space within the orchestra, involving performers and composers/creators of many abilities, and hopefully having educational outreach programmes for young creatives in the future. My ambitions to create new music that can be approached by a wide spectrum of participants, within my compositional practice, is closely related to the work that Crescent Chamber Orchestra wants to achieve. Updates will commence!