Paige Halliwell, born in Cheltenham in 1998, is a composer currently exploring her ideas of 'sound-worlds', asychrony and emergence in music. Encompassing these compositional interests, Paige is striving to achieve a level of inclusivity and accessibility through a lot of her work, in order to allow a broad spectrum of musical participants from a wide range of musical backgrounds to be able to approach and enjoy her music. These ambitions derive from Paige’s passion for choral music, and her experiences in many community choirs as a singer.


Paige has experience in choral and vocal music, for both amateur and professional choirs. Being a classically trained soprano and flautist herself, Paige has years of experience singing in choral groups. She currently sings in her co-founded Cordis Chamber Choir, with whom she is also an active composer for. Paige's most recent recognition for her choral work was given by the '2020 Schellhorn Prize for Sacred Music Composition Competition', where she gained an honourable mention for her sacred choral piece Ecce Novum Gaudium (2020).


Up to date, Paige has written for a variety of instrumentations, including instrumental chamber groups, flexible ensembles and a collection of solo pieces. Her choral works have been performed by a wide spread of choirs from community church groups, to professional choirs in venues including The Wiltshire Music Centre, Cirencester & Gloucester Cathedral. Paige has previously written a chamber opera for the well-known Manchester Contemporary Youth Opera Company, as part of a collaborative project, performed at the Dance House Theatre in Manchester. 

In 2020, Paige wrote a new work for CoMA (“an organisation dedicated to enabling musicians of all abilities to participate actively in contemporary music”), exploring themes of emergence and dissovling. The piece Flux (2020) was written for the flexible instrumentation of Bristol's CoMA ensemble, and is now available for purchase in CoMA's catalogue of music. 

In her most recent work for a trio of instruments, workshopped with the Plus-Minus Ensemble at Bath Spa University, Paige explored a varying sound-world of texture and timbre focuses in an unmetered and unsynchronised way; not requiring the performers to be synchronised live or even in the same performance space.

Currently, Paige is in her final year of her MA study at Bath Spa Univeristy, with composers Dr Matthew Sergeant and Professor James Saunders.

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